Collected Works of John Wesley, Volume XIV

Author: John Wesley


Pres.S. dei>kn-umai usai utai

D. u>meqon usqon usqon

P. u>meqa usqe untai

Imperf.S. ejdeikn-u>mhn uso uto

D. u>meqon usqon u>sqhn

P. u>meqa usqe unto

Imper. dei>knuto.Infin. de>knusqai.Part. deiknu>menov

2. Of Verbs in skw.

1. Verbs in skw are very like Verbs in mi, being derived also from Verbs in a>w, e>w, o>w, and u>w, by putting sk before w as, ghra>skw, from ghra>w.

2. Their peculiar Tenses are likewise the Present and Preterimperfect; for they form the rest from their primitive Verb; as,

ghra>skw, (from ghra>w,) ghra>sw, gegh>raka.

ajre>skw, (from ajre>w,) ajre>sw, h]reka.

bo>skw, (from bo>w,) bo>sw, be>boka.

mequ>skw, (from mequ>w,) mequ>sw, meme>quka.

3. But many in their particular Tenses require a reduplication; as, didra>skw, from dra>w.

4. Some change their last but one a and e into h as, qh>nskw from qna>w, ajldh>skw from ajlde>w and some o into w as, brw>skw, from bro>w.

5. The Second Indefinite of Verbs derived form o>w, if not wanting, is formed like e]dwn from di>dwmi as, aJli>skw, h[lwnbrw>skw, e]brwnginw>skw, e]gnwn.

6. Under the name of Defectives are generally comprehended such other Verbs as are not declined farther than their Preterimperfect Tense, but borrow the rest of their Tenses from Verbs whose root is obsolete.

7. The more usual are these: —

a]gamai fromajga>zomaie]rcomai fromejleu>qw


aijsqa>nomaiaijsqe>omaizwnn-u>w umizo>w







bai>nwba>wmignu>-w umimi>gw



gi>nomaigena>omaiojllu>-w umiojle>w

ginw>skwgno>wojmn-u>w umiojmo>w

dai>wdae>wphgn-u>w umiph>gw



dida>skwdida>cwrJwnn-u>w umirJo>w


du>namaiduna>omaistrwnn-u>w umistro>w



8. More irregular still are these that follow: — ’Anoi>gw, ajnoi>xw, ajne>w|ca, etc.; Perf. M. ajne>w|ga, Indef. 1. h]noica, or ajne>w|xa. — Ba>llw, balw~, be>blhka, etc. — Game>w, Indef. 1. e]ghma. — Ei]dw, ei]sw, and eijdh>sw, ei]dhka Infin. Perf. eijde>nai, Part. ei]dwv, Indef. 2. ei+don, or i]don, Perf. M. oi+da. — ]Ecw, e[xw, or sch>sw, e]schka Imperf. ei+con, Indef. 2. e]scon. — Qa>ptw, qa>yw, te>tafa, te>tammai Indef. 1. ejta>fqhn, Fut. 1. tafqh>somai. — Qnh>skw, qanou~mai, te>qnhka Indef. 2. e]qanon. — Ka>mnw, kamou~mai, ke>kmhka. — Lagca>nw, klhrw>somai, ei]lhca Indef. 2. e]lacon, Perf. M. le>logca. — lamba>nw, lh>yomai, ei]lhqa Indef. 2. e]labon. — °â>w, o]yomai, eJw>raka. — Pa>scw, pei>somai Indef. 2. e]paqon, Perf. M. pe>ponqa.

9. A Verb Compound follows the forms of Simple Verbs; as, oJdopoi-e>w, h>sw, wJdopoi>hka.

10. A Verb compounded with a Preposition retains the Augment of the simple verb; as, peripoie>w, peripepoi>hka.

11. But the final vowel of the Preposition is cut off when the Verb begins with a vowel also; as, para>gw, parh~gonajpogra>fw, ajpe>grafon.

12. Except peri< and pro> as, peria>gw, perih~gonproa>gw, proh~gon.

13. R is doubled after a vowel, when the Verb is either compounded or augmented; as, rJe>w, ajporjrJe>wrJi>ptw, e]rjrJipton.


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