Journals of Great Journeys

Since early times, humanity has strived to discover and understand new lands, peoples, and cultures. This collection of "Journals of Great Journeys" contains historical documents and records detailing the experiences of the world's greatest travelers, including Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, and Samuel White Baker.

 The Voyages of the Norsemen (Unknown)

 The Voyages to Vinland (Unknown)

 The Men from Asia and from Norway (Justin Winsor)

 Other Pre-Columbian Voyages (Henry Wheaton)

 The Travels of Marco Polo (John Fiske)

 Prologue to the Book of Ser Marco Polo (Marco Polo)

 Marco Polo’s Account of Japan and Java (Marco Polo)

 Marco Polo on Asia and Its Marvels (Marco Polo)

 Chinese Astrologers

 Coal in China

 A Description of Japan

 Hindu Brahmans

 The Pearl-Fishers of Ceylon

 Kubla Khan’s Annual Beauty Contest (Marco Polo)

 Paper Money of the Great Khan

 Customs of the Tartars

 The Old Man of the Mountain

 Early Life of Columbus (Washington Irving)

 Letters from Toscanelli Approving Columbus’ Project (Paolo Del Pozzo Toscanelli)

 Columbus in Spain (Washington Irving)

 The Journal of Columbus (Christopher Columbus)

 The Discovery by Columbus (Irving) (Washington Irving)

 The Discovery by Columbus (Christopher Columbus)

 Reception of Columbus in Spain (Washington Irving)

 The Letter of Columbus to Luis De Sant Angel Announcing His Discovery (Christopher Columbus)

 Papal Bull Dividing the New World (Pope Alexander VI)

 The Discovery of the Mainland by the Cabots (John A. Doyle)

 John Cabot’s Discovery of North America (Pasqualigo and Raimondo di Soncino)

 Peter Martyr’s Account (Peter Martyr)

 The Voyages of the Cabots (King Henry VII and Sebastian Cabot)

 Amerigo Vespucci’s Account of His First Voyage (Amerigo Vespucci)

 The Death of Columbus (Washington Irving)

 The Naming of America (Martin Waldseemüller)

 The Discovery of Florida by Ponce De Leon (Francis Parkman)

 Balboa Discovers the Pacific (Manuel José Quintana)

 Ponce De Leon in Florida (George Bancroft)

 The Origin of Negro Slavery in America (Arthur Helps)

 The Voyage of Magellan to the Pacific (John Fiske)

 Verrazzano’s Voyage (Giovanni da Verrazzano)

 Searches for "the Seven Cities of Cibola" (Reuben Gold Thwaites)

 Cartier Discovers the St. Lawrence (Jacques Cartier)

 Cartier’s Exploration of the St. Lawrence (John A. Doyle)

 De Vaca’s Journey to New Mexico (Cabeza de Vaca)

 Coronado’s Wanderings (Francisco Vázquez de Coronado)

 Death of De Soto (Unknown)

 The MayFlower Compact