Battle Speeches, 432 BCE – 1757 CE

The world's greatest leaders have delivered moving speeches to motivate their troops before heading into battle. These speeches were given before influential battles in famous wars.

 I in Favor of the Peloponnesian War (432 B.C.) (Pericles)

 II on Those Who Died in the War (430 B.C.) (Pericles)

 III in Defense of Himself (430 B.C.) (Pericles)

 On the Punishment of the Mytileneans (427 B.C.) (Cleon)

 I in Support of the Athenian Expedition to Sicily (414 B.C.) (Alcibiades)

 II to the Spartans (413 B.C.) (Alcibiades)

 On the Union of Greece to Resist Persia (380 B.C.) (Isocrates)

 Publius Cornelius Scipio: To His Army Before Battle (218 B.C.) (Publius Cornelius Scipio)

 Hannibal: Address to His Soldiers (218 B.C.) (Hannibal)

 Scipio Africanus Major: To His Mutinous Troops (203 B.C.) (Scipio Africanus the Elder)

 Germanicus: I to His Mutinous Troops (14 A.D.) (Germanicus Julius Caesar)

 Agricola: To His Army in Scotland (84 A.D.) (Gnaeus Julius Agricola)

 To His Army Before Quebec (1759) (James Wolfe)

 On the Heroism of the "Vengeur#8217;s" Sailors (1794) (Bertrand Barère)

 I to the Army in Italy (1796) (Napoleon Bonaparte)

 II to the Army of Italy Again (1796) (Napoleon Bonaparte)

 III Speech to the Directory (1797) (Napoleon Bonaparte)

 IV During the Egyptian Campaign (1796) (Napoleon Bonaparte)

 V on the Anniversary of Austerlitz (1806) (Napoleon Bonaparte)

 VI to His Soldiers at Fontainebleau (1814) (Napoleon Bonaparte)

 VII After the Return from Elba (1815) (Napoleon Bonaparte)

 To His Soldiers (1860) (Giuseppe Garibaldi)

 I to His Generals Before Invading Silesia (1740) (Frederick the Great)

 Frederick’s Address to His Generals and Staff Officers December 3, 1757, Before His Victory at Leuthen (Frederick II)