Mazelli, and Other Poems

Author: George W. Sands


"Thou seest how fair a scene is here;
It seems as if ’twere planned above,
And fashioned from some happier sphere,
To be the home of peace and love.
Yet man, too fond of strife, to dwell
In meek contentment’s calm repose,
Will turn an Eden to a hell,
And triumph in his brother’s woes!
And passion’s lewd and lawless host,
Delight to rave and revel most
Where generous Nature stamps and strews
Her fairest forms, and brightest hues:
And Discord here has lit her brand,
And Hatred nursed her savage brood,
And stern Revenge, with crimson hand,
Has written his foul deeds in blood.
But those who loved and suffered then,
Have given place to other men:
Of all who live, to me alone
The story, of their fate is known;
Give heed, and I will tell it thee,
Tho’ mournful must the story be.


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