Cross Roads

Author: Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

A Baby’s Hands

God made the rivers, the hills, and the seas,
God made the flowers, the grass, and the trees;
God made the clouds, and the waves, silver-crested,
Then God made the hands of a baby — and rested!

How did He make them? Well, nobody knows —
Some say He dreamed of the bud of a rose,
And that He woke as the dawn swept away
Night in the dancing pink promise of day.

Maybe He thought of the light of a star,
(That’s why He made them as soft as they are!)
Maybe He watched while a new butterfly,
Light as a sunbeam, went fluttering by.

Maybe He walked in a garden, dew-kissed,
That’s why He made them as frail as the mist —
Then as He leaned from His heaven above,
God made them strong as His greatest gift — LOVE!

God made the mountains — we wonder at these —
God made the splendor of sunsets and trees;
God made vast mines where a world’s wealth is piled,
Then God made the hands of a baby — and smiled!


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