Poems: Patriotic, Religious

Author: Abram Joseph Ryan


Over the silent sea of sleep,
Far away! far away!
Over a strange and starlit deep
Where the beautiful shadows sway;
Dim in the dark,
Glideth a bark,
Where never the waves of a tempest roll —
Bearing the very "soul of a soul",
Alone, all alone —
Far away — far away
To shores all unknown
In the wakings of the day;
To the lovely land of dreams,
Where what is meets with what seems
Brightly dim, dimly bright;
Where the suns meet stars at night,
Where the darkness meets the light
Heart to heart, face to face,
In an infinite embrace.


Mornings break,
And we wake,
And we wonder where we went
In the bark
Thro’ the dark,
But our wonder is misspent;
For no day can cast a light
On the dreamings of the night.


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