Our American Cousin

Author: Tom Taylor

Scene 5 Library in Trenchard Manor in 3 or 4.

Enter Buddicombe, R. 1 E., following Lord Dundreary.

Bud A letter, my lord.

Dun [Takes letter.] You may go. [Exit Buddicombe, R. 1 E. Opens letter.] "My dear Frederick." He calls me Frederick because my name is Robert. "I wrote you on my arrival." Why, I never heard from him. "But I am afraid you didn’t get the letter, because I put no name on the envelope." That’s the reason why I didn’t get it, but who did get it? It must have been some fellow without any name. "My dear brother, the other day a rap came to my door, and some fellows came in and proposed a quiet game of porker." A quiet game of porker, why, they wanted to kill him with a poker. "I consented and got stuck—" Sam’s dead, I’ve got a dead lunatic for a brother—"for the drinks." He got on the other side of the paper, why couldn’t he get stuck all on one side. "P. S.—If you don’t get this letter let me know, for I shall feel anxious." He’s a mad lunatic. [Exit, R. 1 E.]

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