U.S. Code, Title 7, Agriculture

Author: "U.S. Congress, Office of the Law Revision Counsel"

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§ 361f. Publications of Experiment Stations; Free Mailing

     Bulletins, reports, periodicals, reprints of articles, and other publications necessary for the dissemination of results of the researches and experiments, including lists of publications available for distribution by the experiment stations, shall be transmitted in the mails of the United States under penalty indicia: Provided, however, That each publication shall bear such indicia as are prescribed by the United States Postal Service and shall be mailed under such regulations as the United States Postal Service may from time to time prescribe. Such publications may be mailed from the principal place of business of the station or from an established subunit of said station.

(Mar. 2, 1887, ch. 314, § 6, 24 Stat. 441; Aug. 11, 1955, ch. 790, § 1, 69 Stat. 673; Pub. L. 91–375, § 4(a), Aug. 12, 1970, 84 Stat. 773.)


     Section was formerly classified to section 377 of this title. See section 361g of this title.


     1955—Act Aug. 11, 1955, amended section generally to authorize free mailing of publications by the agricultural experiment stations. For provisions which related to the unexpended balance of annual appropriation, see section 361g of this title.

Transfer of Functions

     "United States Postal Service" substituted in text for "Postmaster General" pursuant to Pub. L. 91–375, § 4(a), Aug. 12, 1970, 84 Stat. 773, set out as a note under section 201 of Title 39, Postal Service, which abolished office of Postmaster General of Post Office Department and transferred its functions to United States Postal Service.