Jackson v. S.S. "Archimedes", 275 U.S. 463 (1928)

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Jackson v. S.S. "Archimedes", 275 U.S. 463 (1928)

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Jackson v. S.S. "Archimedes"

No. 103

Argued December 1, 1927
Decided January 3, 1928
275 U.S. 463



1. Section 10 of the Dingley Act of 1884, as amended by the Seamen’s Act of 1915, and the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, does not apply either expressly or by implication to advance wages paid by foreign vessels to foreign seamen while in ports of foreign countries whose laws sanction such payments. P. 470.

2. When foreign seamen institute a libel in this country against a foreign vessel for wages due them, the master is entitled to deduct the advances made in the foreign country. P. 470.

11 F.2d 1000 affirmed.

Certiorari, 273 U.S. 679, to decree of the circuit court of appeals which affirmed a decree of the district court, dismissing a libel in rem brought by British seamen for the purpose of collecting full wages without deduction of advances made in England.


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