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[In the Australian Yaralde type] the rule of marriage is that a man may not marry into his own clan, his mother’s clan, his father’s mother’s clan, his mother’s mother’s clan, these four clans representing [also] the four lines of descent of kinship systems of the Aranda type. But he also may not marry into the clans of his father’s father’s mother or his mother’s father’s mother. In other clans there are women whom he may not marry because they stand in certain genealogical relationships to him. . . .

The Wikmunkan type, found in the Cape York Peninsula . . . has a special marriage rule by which a man marries the daughter of his mother’s younger brother, but may not marry the daughter of his mother’s elder brother.2

[Among the Nankanse of West Africa] in addition to the women whom a man may not marry owing to bute [totemic] or soo [blood] kinship he is also forbidden to marry, or have intercourse with, any of the following persons:

1. The wife or widow of his son.

2. Wife’s sister’s daughter.

3. Wife’s next younger sister, if nyere [of the same parents with no birth intervening].

4. Father’s sister’s daughter with reciprocal.

5. Mother’s brother’s daughter.

6. Wife’s elder sister.

7. Any woman from the section from which his mother came.

8. Any woman in his own section.

9. Grandchildren.3

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3 Rattray, R. S., The Tribes of the Ashanti Hinterland, 1: 278 (Clarendon Press. By permission).


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