U.S. Code, Title 15, Commerce and Trade

Author: "U.S. Congress, Office of the Law Revision Counsel"

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§ 1704. Registration of Subdivisions

(a) Filing of statement of record

     A subdivision may be registered by filing with the Secretary a statement of record, meeting the requirements of this chapter and such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary in furtherance of the provisions of this chapter. A statement of record shall be deemed effective only as to the lots specified therein.

(b) Payment of fees; use by Secretary

     At the time of filing a statement of record, or any amendment thereto, the developer shall pay to the Secretary a fee, not in excess of $1,000, in accordance with a schedule to be fixed by the regulations of the Secretary, which fees may be used by the Secretary to cover all or part of the cost of rendering services under this chapter, and such expenses as are paid from such fees shall be considered nonadministrative.

(c) Filing deemed to have taken place upon receipt of statement of record accompanied by fee

     The filing with the Secretary of a statement of record, or of an amendment thereto, shall be deemed to have taken place upon the receipt thereof, accompanied by payment of the fee required by subsection (b) of this section.

(d) Availability of information to public

     The information contained in or filed with any statement of record shall be made available to the public under such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe and copies thereof shall be furnished to every applicant at such reasonable charge as the Secretary may prescribe.

(Pub. L. 90–448, title XIV, § 1405, Aug. 1, 1968, 82 Stat. 592.)

Section Referred to in Other Sections

     This section is referred to in sections 1702, 1703, 1708 of this title.