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Touching for the King’s Evil


July 6, 1660. His Majesty began first to touch for the evil, according to custom, thus: his Majesty sitting under his state in the Banqueting-house, the surgeons cause the sick to be brought, or led, up to the throne, where they kneeling, the king strokes their faces or cheeks with both hands at once, at which instant a chaplain in his formalities says, "He put his hands upon them, and he healed them." This is said to every one in particular. When they have been all touched, they come up again in the same order, and other chaplain kneeling and having angel gold2 strung on white ribbon on his arm, delivers them one by one to his Majesty, who puts them about the necks of the touched as they pass, whilst the first chaplain repeats, "That is the true light who came into the world." Then follows, an Epistle (as at first a Gospel) with the Liturgy, prayers for the sick, with some alteration; lastly the blessing; and then the lord chamberlain and the comptroller of the household brings a basin, ewer, and towel, for his Majesty to wash.

1 Evelyn, , vol. ii, p. 115.

2 Gold pieces with the figure of an angel stamped on them.


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