The Song of Roland

Author: Anonymous  | Date: 1050


Clear is that day and the sun radiant.

Out of his barge issues their admiral,

Espaneliz goes forth at his right hand,

Seventeen kings follow him in a band,

Counts too, and dukes; I cannot tell of that.

Where in a field, midway, a laurel stands,

On the green grass they spread a white silk mat,

Set a fald-stool there, made of olifant;

Sits him thereon the pagan Baligant,

And all the rest in rows about him stand.

The lord of them speaks before any man:

"Listen to me, free knights and valiant!

Charles the King, the Emperour of the Franks,

Shall not eat bread, save when that I command.

Throughout all Spain great war with me he’s had;

I will go seek him now, into Douce France,

I will not cease, while I’m a living man,

Till he be slain, or fall between my hands."

Upon his knee his right-hand glove he slaps.


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