The Song of Roland

Author: Anonymous  | Date: 1050


That Emperour, returning out of Spain,

Arrived in France, in his chief seat, at Aix,

Clomb to th’ Palace, into the hall he came.

Was come to him there Alde, that fair dame;

Said to the King: "Where’s Rollant the Captain,

Who sware to me, he’ld have me for his mate?"

Then upon Charles a heavy sorrow weighed,

And his eyes wept, he tore his beard again:

"Sister, dear friend, of a dead man you spake.

I’ll give you one far better in exchange,

That is Loewis, what further can I say;

He is my son, and shall my marches take."

Alde answered him: "That word to me is strange.

Never, please God, His Angels and His Saints,

When Rollant’s dead shall I alive remain!"

Her colour fails, at th’ feet of Charlemain,

She falls; she’s dead. Her soul God’s Mercy awaits!

Barons of France weep therefore and complain.


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