Donegan v. Dyson, 269 U.S. 49 (1925)

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Donegan v. Dyson, 269 U.S. 49 (1925)

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Donegan v. Dyson

No. 185

Motion submitted October 5, 1925
Decided November 16, 1925
269 U.S. 49



1. In view of the saving clause in the Act of October 22, 1913, abolishing the Commerce Court, that Act did not repeal § 201, Judicial Code, providing that the circuit judges appointed to the Commerce Court, when designated and assigned by the Chief Justice of the United States for service in a district court or circuit court of appeals, shall have the powers and jurisdiction conferred in the Code upon a circuit judge in his Circuit. P. 53.

2. Jud.Code § 201 gives the Chief Justice full discretion, without further designation by any other judge under § 18, as amended Sept. 14, 1922, to vest in a commerce court circuit judge full authority to act as judge of the district curt specified in the designation. Id.

1 F.2d 63 affirmed.

Appeal from a judgment of the district court in a habeas corpus proceeding remanding the appellant to custody. See also 296 F. 843; 265 U.S. 585. The case is decided on a motion to dismiss or affirm.


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