Minna Von Barnhelm

Author: Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Scene IX. Major Von Tellheim, Paul Werner

MAJ. T. That was she! But it seems you know her, Werner.

WER. Yes, I know her.

MAJ. T. Yet, if I remember rightly, when I was in Thuringia you were not with me.

WER. No; I was seeing after the uniforms in Leipsic.

MAJ. T. Where did you make her acquaintance, then?

WER. Our acquaintance is very young. Not a day old. But young friendship is warm.

MAJ. T. Have you seen her mistress, too?

WER. Is her mistress a young lady? She told me you are acquainted with her mistress.

MAJ. T. Did not you hear? She comes from Thuringia.

WER. Is the lady young?

MAJ. T. Yes.

WER. Pretty?

MAJ. T. Very pretty.

WER. Rich?

MAJ. T. Very rich.

WER. Is the mistress as fond of you as the maid is? That would be capital!

MAJ. T. What do you mean?


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