Twilight Stories

Author: Various

Little Brown Thrushes.

Little brown thrushes at sunrise in summer
After the May-flowers have faded away,
Warble to show unto every new-comer
How to hush stars, yet to waken the Day:
Singing first, lullabies, then, jubilates,
Watching the blue sky where every bird’s heart is;
Then, as lamenting the day’s fading light,
Down through the twilight, when wearied with flight,
Singing divinely, they breathe out, "good-night!"

Little brown thrushes with birds yellow-breasted
Bright as the sunshine that June roses bring,
Climb up and carol o’er hills silver-crested
Just as the bluebirds do in the spring,
Seeing the bees and the butterflies ranging,
Pointed-winged swallows their sharp shadows changing;
But while some sunset is flooding the sky,
Up through the glory the brown thrushes fly,
Singing divinely, "good-night and good-by!"

This tall Giraffe,
Measures ten feet and a half,
And I wonder if his neck
Of rubber is made.
Out of the sun
He thinks he has run
But only his feet
Are in the shade.


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