Monsieur, Madame, and Bebe

Author: Gustave Droz

Monsieur, Madame, and Bebe

Droz, Gustave, 1832-1895

Antoine-Gustave Droz was born in Paris, June 9, 1832. He was the son of Jules-Antoine Droz, a celebrated French sculptor, and grand son of Jean Pierre Droz, master of the mint and medalist under the Directoire. The family is of Swiss origin. Gustave entered L’Ecole des Beaux Arts and became quite a noted artist, coming out in the Salon of 1857 with the painting ’L’Obole de Cesar’. He also exhibited a little later various ’tableaux de genre’: ’Buffet de chemin de fer’ (1863), ’A la Sacristie’ and ’Un Succes de Salon’ (1864), ’Monsieur le Cure, vous avez Raison’ and ’Un Froid Sec’ (1865).

Toward this period, however, he abandoned the art of painting and launched on the career of an author, contributing under the name of Gustave Z.... to ’La Vie Parisienne’. His articles found great favor, he showed himself an exquisite raconteur, a sharp observer of intimate family life, and a most penetrating analyst. The very gallant sketches, later reunited in ’Monsieur, Madame, et Bebe’ (1866), and crowned by the Academy, have gone through many editions. ’Entre nous’ (1867) and ’Une Femme genante’, are written in the same humorous strain, and procured him many admirers by the vivacious and sparkling representations of bachelor and connubial life. However, Droz knows very well where to draw the line, and has formally disavowed a lascivious novel published in Belgium —’Un Ete a la campagne’, often, but erroneously, attributed to him.

It seems that Gustave Droz later joined the pessimistic camp. His works, at least, indicate other qualities than those which gained for him the favor of the reading public. He becomes a more ingenious romancer, a more delicate psychologist. If some of his sketches are realistic, we must consider that realism is not intended ’pour les jeunes filles du pensiannat’.

Beside the works mentioned in the above text, Gustave Droz wrote: ’Le Cahier bleu de Mademoiselle Cibot (1868), ’Auteur d’une Source (1869), ’Un Paquet de Lettres’ (1870), ’Babolain’ (1872), ’Les Etangs’ (1875), ’Tristesses et Sourires (1883), and L’Enfant (1884).

He died in Paris, October 22, 1895.

de l’Academie Francaise.


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