Ferry v. Ramsey, 277 U.S. 88 (1928)

Author: U.S. Supreme Court

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Ferry v. Ramsey, 277 U.S. 88 (1928)

Ferry v. Ramsey

Nos. 407 to 418

, inclusive

Argued April 25, 1928
Decided May 14, 1928
277 U.S. 88



1. A state statute making a bank director individually liable for deposits, the receipt of which by the bank was assented to by him with knowledge that it was insolvent, and which provides that his failure to examine the bank’s affairs to learn of its condition shall charge him with knowledge of its insolvency, and that, in suits against him for such deposits, the fact of insolvency when the deposits were received shall be prima facie evidence that the director both knew of the insolvency and assented to the deposits, held consistent with due process of law. P. 94.

2. The statute might have made directors liable to depositors in every case. By accepting the office, they assume the risks it imposes. Id.

122 Kans. 675, 691, affirmed.

Error to judgments of the Supreme Court of Kansas affirming recoveries against a director, and the executor of a deceased director, of a bank in twelve suits by depositors.


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