U.S. Code, Title 33, Navigation and Navigable Waters

Author: "U.S. Congress, Office of the Law Revision Counsel"

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701.     Flood control generally.

701–1.     Declaration of policy of 1944 act.

701a.     Declaration of policy of 1936 act.

701a–1.     "Flood control" defined; jurisdiction of Federal investigations.

701b.     Supervision of Secretary of the Army; reclamation projects unaffected.

701b–1.     Transfer of jurisdiction in certain cases to Department of Agriculture.

701b–2.     Cooperation by Secretaries of the Army and Agriculture; expenditures.

701b–3.     Examinations and surveys; availability of appropriations.

701b–4.     Administration of surveys; number authorized; reports.

701b–5.     Omitted.

701b–6.     Examinations and surveys by Secretary of Agriculture.

701b–7.     Supplemental reports to Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and House Public Works Committee.

701b–8.     Submission of report by Chief of Engineers.

701b–8a.     Discontinuance of preliminary examination reports.

701b–9.     Availability of appropriations for expenses incident to operation of power boats or vessels; expenses defined; certification of expenditures.

701b–10.     Revolving fund; establishment; availability; reimbursement; transfer of funds; limitation.

701b–11.     Flood protection projects.

(a)     General considerations; nonstructural alternatives.

(b)     Non-Federal participation through nonstructural alternatives; limitation.

701b–12.     Floodplain management requirements.

(a)     Compliance with floodplain management and insurance programs.

(b)     Floodplain management plans.

(c)     Guidelines.

(d)     Technical support.

701b–13.     Construction of flood control projects by non-Federal interests.

(a)     Authority.

(b)     Studies and design activities.

(c)     Completion of studies and design activities.

(d)     Authority to carry out improvement.

(e)     Reimbursement.

(f)     Specific projects.

(g)     Treatment of flood damage prevention measures.

701c.     Rights-of-way, easements, etc.; acquisition by local authorities; maintenance and operation; protection of United States from liability for damages; requisites to run-off and water-flow retardation and soil erosion prevention assistance.

701c–1.     Acquirement of titles for certain projects and to lands, easements, rights-of-way; reimbursement of local agencies.

701c–2.     Acquisition and sale of land.

701c–3.     Lease receipts; payment of portion to States.

701d.     Compacts between States; consent of Congress.

701e.     Effect of act June 22, 1936, on provisions for Mississippi River and other projects.

701f.     Authorization of appropriations.

701f–1.     Additional authorization.

701f–2.     Funds for specific and authorized projects merged with and accounted for under regular annual appropriation.

701f–3.     Expenditure in watersheds of funds appropriated for flood prevention purposes.

701g.     Removal of obstructions; clearing channels.

701h.     Contributions by States and political subdivisions.

701h–1.     Contributions by States and political subdivisions for immediate use on authorized flood-control work; repayment.

701i.     Elimination from protection of areas subject to evacuation.

701j.     Installation in dams of facilities for future development of hydroelectric power.

701k.     Crediting reimbursements for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

701l, 701l–1. Repealed.

701m.     Insufficient Congressional authorization; preparations for and modification of project.

701n.     Emergency response to natural disasters.

(a)     Emergency fund.

(b)     Emergency supplies of drinking water; drought; well construction and water transportation.

(c)     Levee owners manual.

701o.     Omitted.

701p.     Railroad bridge alterations at Federal expense.

701q.     Repair and protection of highways, railroads, and utilities damaged by operation of dams or reservoir.

701r.     Protection of highways, bridge approaches, public works, and nonprofit public services.

701r–1.     Utilization of public roads.

(a)     Definitions.

(b)     Improvement, reconstruction, and maintenance.

(c)     Replacement roads; construction to higher standards.

701s.     Small flood control projects; appropriations; amount limitation for single locality; conditions.

701t.     Emergency fund for flood damage; amount; commitments to be fulfilled by local interests.

701u.     International engineering or scientific conferences; attendance.

702.     Mississippi River.

702a.     Adoption of 1927 project; execution; creation of board; scope of authority; appropriation.

702a–1.     Modification of project of 1927; adoption.

702a–11/2.     Further modification of 1927 project; adoption; appropriation.

702a–13/4.     Further modification; adoption.

702a–2.     Abandonment of Boeuf Floodway.

702a–3.     Levees; raising and enlarging.

702a–4.     Fuse-plug levees.

702a–5.     Back levee north of Eudora Floodway.

702a–6.     Drainage necessitated by floodway levees.

702a–7.     Railroad and highway crossings over floodways.

702a–8.     Additional roads; construction by United States.

702a–9.     Lands, easements, and rights-of-way; acquisition by local authorities; reimbursement; protection of United States from liability for damages.

702a–10.     Flowage rights and rights-of-way; reimbursement of local authorities; highway crossings; use of properties for national forests or wildlife refuges.

702a–11.     Morganza Floodway; Eudora Floodway.

702a–12.     Modified Lower Mississippi River project as of August 18, 1941.

(a)     Alluvial valley, Mississippi River; Yazoo Basin levees; abandonment of Boeuf and Eudora Floodways and Northward Extension.

(b)     Yazoo River project.

(c)     Tensas-Cocodrie backwater area.

(d)     Reimbursement of local authorities for certain expenses.

(e)     Saint Francis River.

(f)     Bayou Rapides, Boeuf, and Cocodrie, Louisiana, improvements.

(g)     Increased authorizations for alluvial valley, Mississippi River.

702b.     Local contribution toward cost of flood control work.

702c.     Expenditures for construction work; conditions precedent; liability for damage from flood waters; condemnation proceedings; floodage rights.

702d.     Flowage rights; condemnation proceedings; benefits to property.

702d–1.     Bonnet Carre Spillway and Floodway; rights-of-way, etc., over lands.

702e.     Maps for project; preparation.

702f.     Expenditures for earlier projects.

702g.     Appropriation for emergency fund.

702g–1.     Additional appropriation for emergency fund.

702h.     Prosecution of project by Mississippi River Commission; president of commission; salaries.

702h–1.     Transferred.

702i.     Certain sections applicable to property and rights acquired or constructed.

702j.     Projects relating to tributary streams; report to Congress; appropriation.

702j–1.     Saint Francis and Yazoo Rivers; lands and easements; alteration of highways; cooperation of States.

702j–2.     White River Levee District; rights-of-way; drainage facilities; flowage rights; acquisition by local authorities; protection of United States from liability for damages.

702k.     Surveys below Cape Girardeau, Missouri; resurvey of levee in Tennessee.

702k–1.     Authorization of appropriation.

702k–2.     Separability.

702l.     Repeal of inconsistent laws.

702m.     Interest of Members of Congress in contracts for acquisition of land.

702n.     Levee rights-of-way; payment or reimbursement for.

703.     Sacramento River, California.

704.     Modification of project.

705.     Salmon River, Alaska; flood control work authorized.

706.     Secretary of Commerce; current precipitation information; appropriation.

707.     Sumner Dam and Lake Sumner; declaration of purpose; report to Congress; appropriation.

708.     Sale of surplus waters for domestic and industrial uses; disposition of moneys.

709.     Regulations for use of storage waters; application to Tennessee Valley Authority.

709a.     Information on floods and flood damage.

(a)     Compilation and dissemination.

(b)     Flood prevention coordination.

(c)     Fees.

(d)     Fiscal year limitation on expenditures.

709b.     Flood hazard information.


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