Constitution of 1963, Afghanistan


Title One
The State

Article 1

Afghanistan is a constitutional monarchy; an independent, unitary and indivisible state. Sovereignty in afghanistan belongs to the nation. The Afghan nation is composed of all those individuals who possess the citizenship of the state of Afghanistan in accordance with the provisions of the law. The word Afghan shall apply to each such individual.

Article 2

Islam is the sacred religion of Afghanistan. Religious rites performed by the state shall be according to the provisions of the Hanafi doctrine. Non muslim citizens shall be free to perform their rituals within the limits determined by laws for public decency and public peace.

Article 3

From amongst the languages of Afghanistan, Pashtu and Dari shall be the official languages.

Article 4

The flag of Afghanistan is tri color (black, red and green) all pieces joined together vertically from left to right in equal proportions; the breadth of each strip equalling half of its length, having in the middle the insignia of the mehrab (an arch in a mosque where the praying congregation stands, facing the Kaaba in Mecca) and the mender (a many tiered pulpit placed to the right of the methrab in a mosque, from which addresses are delivered) in white, flanked by two flags and ensconced in two sheaves of wheat.

Article 5

The capital of Afghanistan is the City of Kabul.


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