The Song of Roland

Author: Anonymous  | Date: 1050


Oliver feels death’s anguish on him now;

And in his head his two eyes swimming round;

Nothing he sees; he hears not any sound;

Dismounting then, he kneels upon the ground,

Proclaims his sins both firmly and aloud,

Clasps his two hands, heavenwards holds them out,

Prays God himself in Paradise to allow;

Blessings on Charles, and on Douce France he vows,

And his comrade, Rollant, to whom he’s bound.

Then his heart fails; his helmet nods and bows;

Upon the earth he lays his whole length out:

And he is dead, may stay no more, that count.

Rollant the brave mourns him with grief profound;

Nowhere on earth so sad a man you’d found.


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