U.S. Code, Title 25, Indians

Author: "U.S. Congress, Office of the Law Revision Counsel"

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2501.     Findings.

2502.     Declaration of policy.

(a)     Recognition.

(b)     Commitment.

(c)     National goal.

(d)     Educational needs.

(e)     Federal relations.

(f)     Termination.

2503.     Grants authorized.

(a)     In general.

(b)     Limitations.

(c)     Limitation on transfer of funds among schoolsites.

(d)     No requirement to accept grants.

(e)     No effect on Federal responsibility.

(f)     Retrocession.

(g)     No termination for administrative convenience.

2504.     Composition of grants.

(a)     In general.

(b)     Special rules.

2505.     Eligibility for grants.

(a)     In general.

(b)     Additional requirements for Bureau schools and certain electing schools.

(c)     Additional requirements for school which is not a Bureau funded school.

(d)     Applications and reports.

(e)     Effective date for approved applications.

(f)     Denial of applications.

2506.     Duration of eligibility determination.

(a)     In general.

(b)     Annual reports.

(c)     Revocation of eligibility.

(d)     Applicability of section pursuant to election under section 2508(b).

2507.     Payment of grants; investment of funds.

(a)     Payments.

(b)     Investment of funds.

(c)     Recoveries.

2508.     Application with respect to Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act.

(a)     Certain provisions to apply to grants.

(b)     Election for grant in lieu of contract.

(c)     No duplication.

(d)     Transfers and carryovers.

(e)     Exceptions, problems, and disputes.

2509.     Role of Director.

2510.     Regulations.

2511.     Definitions.

Chapter Referred to in Other Sections

     This chapter is referred to in sections 2001, 2008, 2026, 3207 of this title; title 20 sections 7813, 8064.