U.S. Code, Title 20, Education

Author: "U.S. Congress, Office of the Law Revision Counsel"

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§ 7455. National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education

(a) Establishment

     The Secretary shall establish and support the operation of a National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education, which shall collect, analyze, synthesize, and disseminate information about bilingual education and related programs.

(b) Functions

     The National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education shall—

     (1) be administered as an adjunct clearinghouse of the Educational Resources Information Center Clearinghouses system of clearinghouses supported by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement;

     (2) coordinate its activities with Federal data and information clearinghouses and dissemination networks and systems;

     (3) develop a data base management and monitoring system for improving the operation and effectiveness of federally funded bilingual education programs; and

     (4) develop, maintain, and disseminate, through comprehensive regional assistance centers described in part A of subchapter XIII of this chapter if appropriate, a listing by geographical area of education professionals, parents, teachers, administrators, community members and others who are native speakers of languages other than English for use as a resource by local educational agencies and schools in the development and implementation of bilingual education programs.

(Pub. L. 89–10, title VII, § 7135, as added Pub. L. 103–382, title I, § 101, Oct. 20, 1994, 108 Stat. 3731.)