Eureka: A Prose Poem

Author: Edgar Allan Poe  | Date: 1848


To the few who love me and whom I love- to those who feel rather than to those who think- to the dreamers and those who put faith in dreams as in the only realities- I offer this Book of Truths, not in its character of Truth-Teller, but for the Beauty that abounds in its Truth; constituting it true. To these I present the composition as an Art-Product alone:- let us say as a Romance; or, if I be not urging too lofty a claim, as a Poem.

What I here propound is true:- * therefore it cannot die:- or if by any means it be now trodden down so that it die, it will "rise again to the Life Everlasting."

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Nevertheless it is as a Poem only that I wish this work to be judged after I am dead.

E. A. P.


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