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Let us suppose the name chosen in advance to be dora; should the infant prove to be a boy he is called dora-ota, or, if a girl, dora-kata [the additions signifying the male and female genitals respectively]. These terms (ota and kata) are used only during the first two or three years, after which, until the period of puberty, the lad would be addressed as dora-dala and the girl as dora-poilola until she arrived at womanhood when . . . she receives a "flower" name as a prefix to her proper or birth name. . . .

Seniors often address young married persons in a (to us) strange fashion, i.e., calling the husband by the wife’s name and prospective designation; for example, in speaking to a man whose name is ira, and who had married a woman called tura; if the wife were enceinte the child’s name would be used beforehand to denote its parents; thus, assuming wologa to be the name of the yet unborn child, the father would be called by that name and the expectant mother wologa-bud [bud meaning house, habitation] until after the birth of the infant, when, for several months, the former would still bear the same appellation among his seniors, but would receive from his juniors the more dignified title of maia wologa; while the latter would be addressed by her seniors as wologa-ota (or kata in the case of her child being a girl) and by her juniors as chana wologa-ota (or kata).2

2Mann/an/an/an/an/an/a, , 128–129.


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