U.S. Code, Title 25, Indians

Author: "U.S. Congress, Office of the Law Revision Counsel"

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§ 1300e–3. Per Capita Shares to Members of Assiniboine Tribe of Fort Belknap Reservation; Deductions; Eligibility for Payments

     The share of the Assiniboine Tribe of the Fort Belknap Reservation, after deducting $100,000 to be used as provided in section 1300e–4 of this title, and after deducting the estimated costs of distribution and all other appropriate expenses, shall be distributed per capita to each person born on or before, and living on, October 25, 1972, who is a citizen of the United States, is duly enrolled on the approved roll of the organized Fort Belknap Community, and is of Assiniboine lineal descent: Provided, That persons in the following categories shall not be eligible to receive a per capita payment: (a) persons who possess a greater degree of Gros Ventre blood than Assiniboine blood, (b) persons who possess equal degrees of Fort Belknap Assiniboine and Fort Peck Gros Ventre blood and who elect to be enrolled as Gros Ventre, and (c) persons who participated, or were eligible to participate, in the distribution of funds under the Act of March 18, 1972 (Public Law 92–254) [25 U.S.C. 1261 et seq.], for the disposition of the judgment of the Blackfeet Tribe and the Gros Ventre Tribe in Indian Claims Commission docket numbered 279–A.

(Pub. L. 92–557, § 4, Oct. 25, 1972, 86 Stat. 1171.)

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     Act of March 18, 1972, referred to in text, is act Mar. 18, 1972, Pub. L. 92–254, 86 Stat. 64, which is classified generally to subchapter LXVIII (§ 1261 et seq.) of this chapter. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Tables.

     The Indian Claims Commission, referred to in text, terminated Sept. 30, 1978. See Codification note set out under former section 70 et seq. of this title.

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     This section is referred to in section 1300e–4 of this title.