U.S. Code, Title 49, Transportation

Author: "U.S. Congress, Office of the Law Revision Counsel"

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Part a—Safety




20101.     Purpose.

20102.     Definitions.

20103.     General authority.

20104.     Emergency authority.

20105.     State participation.

20106.     National uniformity of regulation.

20107.     Inspection and investigation.

20108.     Research, development, testing, and training.

20109.     Employee protections.

20110.     Effect on employee qualifications and collective bargaining.

20111.     Enforcement by the Secretary of Transportation.

20112.     Enforcement by the Attorney General.

20113.     Enforcement by the States.

20114.     Judicial procedures.

20115.     User fees.

[20116.     Repealed.]

20117.     Authorization of appropriations.


20131.     Restricted access to rolling equipment.

20132.     Visible markers for rear cars.

20133.     Passenger cars.

20134.     Grade crossings and railroad rights of way.

20135.     Licensing or certification of locomotive operators.

20136.     Automatic train control and related systems.

20137.     Event recorders.

20138.     Tampering with safety and operational monitoring devices.

20139.     Maintenance-of-way operations on railroad bridges.

20140.     Alcohol and controlled substances testing.

20141.     Power brake safety.

20142.     Track safety.

20143.     Locomotive visibility.

20144.     Blue signal protection for on-track vehicles.

20145.     Report on bridge displacement detection systems.

20146.     Institute for Railroad Safety.

20147.     Warning of civil liability.

20148.     Railroad car visibility.

20149.     Coordination with the Department of Labor.

20150.     Positive train control system progress report.

20151.     Railroad trespassing and vandalism prevention strategy.

20152.     Emergency notification of grade crossing problems.

20153.     Audible warnings at highway-rail grade crossings.


     1995—Pub. L. 104–66, title I, § 1121(g)(2), Dec. 21, 1995, 109 Stat. 724, struck out item 20116 "Biennial report".

     1994—Pub. L. 103–440, title II, §§ 206(b), 207(b), 210(b), 211(b), 212(b), 213(b), 214(b), 215(b), 219(b), title III, §§ 301(b), 302(b), Nov. 2, 1994, 108 Stat. 4621–4624, 4626, 4628, substituted "Biennial" for "Annual" in item 20116 and "cars" for "equipment" in item 20133 and added items 20145 to 20153.

Chapter Referred to in Other Sections

     This chapter is referred to in sections 21301, 21302, 21311 of this title; title 45 section 54a.



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