Under Two Flags

Author: Quida

Under Two Flags

Quida, 1839-1908

TO COLONEL POULETT CAMERON whose family has given so many
brilliant soldiers to the armies of France and England and made
the battle-fields of Europe ring with "The War-Cry of Lochiel"
this story of a soldier’s life is dedicated in sincere friendship.


This Story was originally written for a military periodical. It
has been fortunate enough to receive much commendation from
military men, and for them it is now specially issued in its
present form. For the general public it may be as well to add
that, where translations are appended to the French phrases, those
translations usually follow the idiomatic and particular meaning
attached to these expressions in the argot of the Army of Algeria,
and not the correct or literal one given to such words or
sentences in ordinary grammatical parlance.



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