The Aged Pastor

Author: William Cullen Bryant  | Date: 1864


Thy love, O God! from year to year,

Has watched thy faithful pastor here,

Till fifty years of toil have now

Engraved their tokens on his brow.

Fast have the seasons rolled away;

A moment in thy sight were they,

Yet while their rapid course was run,

What mighty works thy hand has done!

What empires rose, and, at thy frown,

In sudden weakness crumbled down!

What barriers, reared by earth and hell,

Against thy truth, gave way and fell!

Meanwhile, beneath thy gracious sight

This flock has dwelt in peace and light,

By living waters gently led,

And in perennial pastures fed.

Oh, when before thy judgment seat

The pastor and his flock shall meet,

May thy benignant voice attest

Their welcome to thine endless rest.

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