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Language   >   Language Arts   >   Speech Communication   >   Greece and Rome   >   Rome   >   -Cicero, Marcus Tullius
 First Oration Against Catiline
 The First Oration Against Marcus Antonius-Called Also The First Philippic
 Fourth Oration Against Catiline
 The Last Oration Against Marcus Antonius
 The First Oration Against Marcus Antonius-Called Also The Ninth Philippic
 Oration In Defence of Publius Sylla
 The Prosecution of Verres-The Fourth Book Of The Second Pleading
 Second Oration Against Catiline
 The Second Oration Against Marcus Antonius, Called Also The Second Philippic
 Speech In Behalf Of King Deiotarus
 Speech In Behalf Of Marcus Claudius Marcellus
 Speech In Defence Of Aulus Licinius Archias
 Speech In Defence Of Caius Rabirius Postumus
 Speech In Defence Of Quintus Ligarius
 Speech In Defence Of The Proposed Manilian Law
 Speech In Defence Of Titus Annius Milo
 Third Oration Against Catiline