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 Tom Swift among the Diamond Makers, the Secret of Phantom Mountain
 Tom Swift among the Fire Fighters, Battling with Flames from the Air
 Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship, the Naval Terror of the Seas
 Tom Swift and His Air Glider, Seeking the Platinum Treasure
 Tom Swift and His Air Scout, Uncle Sam's Mastery of the Sky
 Tom Swift and His Airship
 Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel, the Hidden City of the Andes
 Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout, the Speediest Car on the Road
 Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon, the Longest Shots on Record
 Tom Swift and His Motor Boat, the Rivals of Lake Carlopa
 Tom Swift and His Sky Racer, the Quickest Flight on Record
 Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat, under the Ocean for Sunken Treasure
 Tom Swift and His Undersea Search, the Treasure on the Floor of the Atlantic
 Tom Swift and His War Tank, Doing His Bit for Uncle Sam
 Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera, Thrilling Adventures While Taking Moving Pictures
 Tom Swift in the Land of Wonders, the Underground Search for the Idol of Gold