Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar

Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs  | Date: 1916

Contents CHAPTER

1 Belgian and Arab

2 On the Road to Opar

3 The Call of the Jungle

4 Prophecy and Fulfillment

5 The Altar of the Flaming God

6 The Arab Raid

7 The Jewel-Room of Opar

8 The Escape from Opar

9 The Theft of the Jewels 10 Achmet Zek Sees the Jewels 11 Tarzan Becomes a Beast Again 12 La Seeks Vengeance 13 Condemned to Torture and Death 14 A Priestess But Yet a Woman 15 The Flight of Werper 16 Tarzan Again Leads the Mangani 17 The Deadly Peril of Jane Clayton 18 The Fight For the Treasure 19 Jane Clayton and The Beasts of the Jungle 20 Jane Clayton Again a Prisoner 21 The Flight to the Jungle 22 Tarzan Recovers His Reason 23 A Night of Terror 24 Home


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